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How Do I Withdraw From EarnX?

Now you have made money from EarnX, but now your main concern is how to withdraw this money from EarnX. So we have the best answer for you. You can withdraw your money from EarnX with the help of the Withdraw section. The main thing to know is that you can get your withdrawal money only in cryptocurrency. For that, you have to log in first to the user’s dashboard. and then you will get the user’s dashboard. On the user’s dashboard, you will see the Withdraw section in the header menu. Just go into the Withdraw Section, and you will get one manual withdrawal section. 

Now press the "Withdraw Now" button from the Manual Coin Payout. If your profile is not complete, then you should first complete your profile, and then you can withdraw your money from EarnX. After completing your profile, users can withdraw their funds with our manual coin payout. Once the user presses the Withdraw Now button, one pop-up window will be open and the user should enter the value that the user wants to withdraw. Then, after the user can select which cryptocurrency they want to withdraw. After that, you need to enter your wallet address for the selected cryptocurrency. If the user faces any difficulty, then the user can raise a support ticket and we will give you full support for purchasing the plan and any other difficulties. Now we will give you an explanation step-by-step.

Step 1: Login into the user’s dashboard.

Step 2: Click on "Withdraw."

Step 3: Select the "Withdraw Now" button.

Step 4: If your profile is not complete, then first you have to complete your profile.

Step 5: Choose the cryptocurrency from which you wish to withdraw funds.

Step 6: Enter the wallet address for the selected cryptocurrency.