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What is a Task in EarnX?

A simple meaning of "task" is a piece of work to be done, but in EarnX it is something like a reward for a specific referral over specific users. First of all, how do you get a task or how can you find a task? So the answer is that first you need to login into the users’ dashboard. and then you will get the user’s dashboard. On the user’s dashboard, you will see the Task section in the header menu.

Once you find the task section, then you will get many tasks in the task section. When you select one of these tasks and activate it, If you activate any task and when you complete it, you will get this reward, which task will give you. That means when you want to refer to other users, keep in mind that you first activate the task, and then afterward you can refer your friends or any user. It will only benefit you. Because you will get the reward for the activated task. Now we will give you an explanation step-by-step.

Step 1: Login into the user’s dashboard.

Step 2: Select the task.

Step 3: Choose one of these tasks and activate it.

Step 4: Once you activate any task, you have to refer to other users.

Step 5: You will receive your reward once the user receives their first withdrawal.